Make your (home) office golden with these gold office desk accessories. Great as a reward for yourself, or gift idea for your hard working friends and colleagues.


1. Wild & Wolf Gold Telephone

This shiny gold vintage looking telephone from Wild & Wolf will make a striking statement in your home office, store or hallway. An icon of style, this vintage telephone shape can be found in some of the world’s finest hotel lobbies.

Gold Telephone Wild Wolf 1

Originally cast in heavy duty metal, this model was later reconditioned in a lightweight thermoplastic for a more appealing curved design. This phone plugs directly into a standard telephone socket.

Gold Telephone Wild Wolf 2

Wild & Wolf Gold Series 302 Telephone
Price: £70

Unfortunately this phone is available in the United Kingdom only, but the sellers below might ship internationally. Be aware that the phone system might be different in your country.

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2. Kate Spade New York Acrylic Gold Desk Accessories

kate spade new york gold desk accessories

Kate Spade New York offers a few acrylic and gold desk accessories that will look stylish on a designer desk, shop counter or office. Dress up your desk with the whole collection or just one piece, the mix of Kate Spade’s metallic gold and acrylic accessories bring a luxe twist to even the most mundane of office tasks.

kate spade new york gold desk acessories 2

You can find all Kate Spade gold desk accessories on or

Kate Spade Gold Stapler

Keep your papers in order with this elegant Kate Spade New York acrylic stapler with a hint of gold and message printed inside “keep it together’.

kate spade new york gold stapler

Kate Spade New York Acrylic stapler
Price: $28.00

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3. Kate Spade New York Gold Pen Set

These gold pens are one of our favorite items from the Kate Spade collection.

kate spade new york gold pens

Get these gold pens in a set of 6 for $25 or in a gift set together with a gold pen cup for $49.

Kate Spade New York Set of 6 Gold Pens
Price: $25.00 / £26

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nate berkus gold shears scissors stapler inspiration

4. Nate Berkus Gold Scissors

A gold desk accessories list is not complete without a pair of gold shears from Nate Berkus. These shears look good in any designer interior.

nate berkus gold shears

Also available in a Limited Edition pack together with a Nate Berkus Gold Stapler.

Nate Berkus Limited Edition Gold Shear Scissors
Price: $18.00 – $79.00

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5. Nate Berkus Gold Stapler

The Nate Berkus stapler goes perfectly with the Nate Berkus gold shears.

nate berkus gold stapler

Currently only to be found on Amazon or on eBay.

Nate Berkus Swingline 747 Stapler Gold
Price: $27.00 – $38.00

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6. Gold Desk LED Lamp

This yellow gold desk lamp by Lightaccents is makes your gold desk accessories shine bright. Made of metal, the lamp’s shape is elegant and not intrusive.

gold desk lamp 2

The 3 Watt LED light will last you for 50,000 hours. The position of the lamp is adjustable and stands firmly on your home office desk. The base measures just 6 inches in diameter, making it suitable for use on even a small desk top.

Bowery Collection Bright 3 Watt LED Adjustable Desk Lamp
Price: $35

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7. Gold Mouse Pad and Gold Keyboard

Add an intense gold look to your desk with a gold keybaord and mouse pad. Nice gold mouse pads are available on Amazon for as little as $11.95. All the mouse pads mentioned below are only 1mm or 2mm thin, made of solid aluminum and have a nice gold color and aluminum edge. Thanks anti-skid gel feet or a flannel base these mouse pads stay firmly on a desk. These mouse pads made from a single slab of aluminum are very easy to clean, even when your champagne spills on them.

Rantopad gold mouse pad keyboard

Rantopad gold Keyboard

This gold keyboard cannot be overlooked with its jaw-dropping acrylic gold panel, matching keycaps, and striking white LED backlight. Each keycap lights up!

Gold Keyboard Rantopad

Probably better suited for a gamer than a stylish office, but it might look good in a dark office on a black or wooden desk.

Rantopad MT Mechanical Keyboard
Price: $159

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Rantopad gold mouse pad

The highest rated model on Amazon is the Rantopad ATS+ Ultra Thin Aluminium Surface Core Gaming Mouse Pad.

Rantopad gold mouse pad

At $19.95 a little more expensive than the others but this is also one the biggest and thickest mouse pad in this list.
Size: 11 x 8 x 0.08 inches / 280 x 220 x 2 mm

Rantopad ATS+ Ultra Thin Aluminium Surface Core Gaming Mouse Pad.
Price: $19.95

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Nulaxy gold mouse pad

The most popular and cheapest gold mousepad on Amazon is the Nulaxy Gaming Aluminum Mouse Pad.

Nulaxy gold mouse pad

This besteller has a non-slip rubber base and a micro sand blasted aluminum surface.
Size: 9.84 x 8.66 x 0.06 inches / 250 x 220 x 1.5mm

Nulaxy Gaming Aluminum Gold Mouse Pad
Price: $11.95

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Qcute gold Mouse Pad

The thinnest one is the Qcute Gaming Aluminum Mouse Pad, which is also available in two sizes, Large and Small (ideal for on the road or a desk with limited space).

Qcute gold mouse pad

QCute Gold Mouse Pad Large: 9.8 x 7.5 inches / 249 x 190 cm (height unknown)
QCute Gold Mouse Pad Large: 9 x 6 x 0.04 inches  / 232 x 153 x 1 mm

QCute Gold Mouse Pad
Price: $13.95

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8. Oriental Furniture Faux Leather Gold Crocodile Trunk

Store your stuff in a medium sized trunk padded with Faux Leather Gold Crocodile Skin Pattern vinyl in metallic gold.

oriental furniture gold trunk

Priced at $125, don’t expect this to be of the highest quality, but it definitely adds a bit of colonial style to your home office decor. And you can rest assured that no crocodiles were hurt in the process.

The box weighs 18 pounds (8 kilo) and measures 16 x 24 x 16 inches / 40 x 61 x 40 cm.

Oriental Furniture Faux Leather Gold Crocodile Trunk
Price: $125

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10. Gold paperclips

It’s all in the details. These gold paperclips give a touch of gold to your papers.

gold paperclips large 2

Get the small paperclips for $1 or go for the bigger paper presses in gold tone for only $3.99.

gold paperclips large

gold paperclips small

Gold paperclips come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from extra large classic paperclips, to the rounded small paperclips.

Find Gold Paperclips on

Find Gold Paperclips on

Find Gold Paperclips on

If you have any other suggestions for gold office desk accessories, don’t hesitate to post a comment below!

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